Cool Ideas

You may want to bookmark this page. We will be showing some of the coolest ideas from our artists and our customers and will add to it over time. If you have something clever, just let us know. In addition to having talented artists doing the artwork, you will notice that a critical component to outstanding art is the photo that we work from. GET WILD! Fun and interesting poses and ultra close ups can help turn a great piece of art into an outstanding piece that makes you smile every time you look at it.

Cool Idea #1


Many times simpler is just better. Here are two examples that drive that point home. Who would ever think about a baby picture without the baby's cute face? These ultra close-ups zero in on baby's and parent's hands/feet and creates a totally different feel. Both could have been done in color or even in one of our other art styles but this is a case where a simple black and white photo on canvas does the job. For some reason, there is more meaning to this art and a special tenderness that goes beyond just a cute baby face.


Take a high quality photo using the "macro" setting on your digital camera and use the highest resolution. It is sometimes better to not get too close to the subject and instead stand back a little and zoom in a little. If you want us to crop your picture for an ultra close-up, just select that option when ordering. We can also change color to B&W.

This creative idea is perfect for any home with a new baby and makes a great baby gift for new parents.

Cool Idea #2


Awesome application - A watercolor Save the Date! Totally unique. Not only a hit with the recipients but makes a great keepsake too.